• Victory Cross Country Upper & Lower Bag Fillers


    Victory Cross Country, Cross Roads, Magnum and Hard Ball Bagfiller combo. 

    Buy together & save!

    Victory Magnum owners want to run a backrest at times? With our bagfillers you can enjoy the availability of doing just that. 

    Quick release upper bagfillers attaches to saddlebag in seconds to allow you to completely remove them when utilizing a back rest or trunk. Use in conjunction with lower fillers to completely fill the spaces between the fender and bags.  Sold in pairs of both left and right sides. Not fiberglass, so they won't crack and chip.

    VicBaggers Lower Bag Fillers will work with passenger back rests, trunk and antenna. Drilling is required, stainless hardware is included.

    Please allow 1+ weeks for your custom part to be built. For custom paint email brad.bole@blackburncollisioncenter.com

    Professional Installation required! VICBAGGERS is not responsible for accidents associated with the use of this product. The purchaser of this product assumes all responsibility of its installation and use.
    By purchasing this product, I agree to these terms.