• VicBaggers Tarzanz Bagger Barz & Highway Barz Combo


    Victory Cross Country, Victory Magnum, Victory Cross Roads and Victory Hard Ball.

    Be King of The Urban Jungle. VicBagger's Tarzanz Bagger Barz & Highway Barz Combo.

    Our handlebars are exclusively designed to run with the contours and lines of your Cross Country® and Cross Roads® motorcycle. The bars give you a comfortable riding position with attitude. The bars are available in length. The bars use a combination of 1” tubing at the triple tree and controls, with 1 1/4” tubing for the down tubes and brace tubes giving our bars that Thick and Fat look you desire. 

    Please allow 2 weeks (3+ weeks for chrome) for your custom part to be built and arrive. Thank you for your patience.
    Professional Installation required! VICBAGGERS is not responsible for accidents associated with the use of this product. The purchaser of this product assumes all responsibility of its installation and use.
    By purchasing this product, I agree to these terms.

    Select Pull Back (A positive + number will bring the bars closer to the rider & a negative - number will push the bars away from the rider) FROM STOCK BAR LOCATION. IF YOU HAVE AFTERMARKET BARS, CALL WITH DETAILS.