• Indian Motorcycle Chief Chieftain bolt on 26 Neck Kit Rake Kit by VicBaggers


    Indian Motorcycle Bolt on Rake Kit for 26" front wheels. Fits Chief, Chieftain, Road Master, Dark Horse, Springfield, Vintage and Classic. These kits will come fully powdercdoated fine texture flat black to match your Frame. Machined from Billet Aluminum, these kits allow you to put a 26" front wheel on your 111 ci Indian Motorcycle. (wheels, fender and fender spacers, ABS ring, brake line sold separately). 100% USA made product by VicBaggers. Giving you correct trail numbers for use with a 26" front wheel. We recommend a brake line modification to achieve the best travel out of your front end. Brake Line Kits include, extended front lines to the caliper, main line extension and double flaring tool.

    Please be sure to indicate which model.

    Current lead time 2-4 weeks.

    Professional Installation Required. VicBaggers is not responsible for accidents while using this product. 

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