• Indian Chief Rear Air Ride Dark Horse Chieftain


    VicBaggers Rear Air Ride for your 2014 to Present Indian. Here at VicBaggers we developed the first Air Ride for your Indian Motorcycle that utilizes a fluid dampened shock. What does this mean for you? The fluid dampening eliminates the bounce that is associated with a typical air shock. With this fluid dampening comes a rebound adjustable mini shock that can be adjusted by the turn of the knob, so you can set up your suspension for your needs, while having the stance you want to achieve "Laid Out"... Rear Air ride comes with compressor, electric valves, toggle switch, compressor, suspension links and air line. Professional installation is recommended. Fitment is for Chief, Chieftain, Dark Horse, Road Master, Vintage, Classic, Springfield. 

    Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.