• Victory Adjustable Timing System


    Lloyds's Precision Timing System Allows for 6 degrees retard and 8 degrees of advance timing adjustments. Gives your bike quicker throttle response at lower RPMs. Can also be used to help eliminate pre-detonation (pinging) on some motors. Works with any combination of parts and will make timing adjustments under 2500 rpms. Power Commander 5 can only do above that so this product can compliment the PCV and other fuel controllers.

    When ordering the PTS-08, we highly recommend replacing the Cam Cover Gasket at this time (sold seperately).


    Please allow 1 week for your custom part to be built and arrive. Thank you for your patience.

    Professional Installation required! VICBAGGERS is not responsible for accidents associated with the use of this product. The purchaser of this product assumes all responsibility of its installation and use.
    By purchasing this product, I agree to these terms.